I welcome adults, adolescents and children to my practice and see them within the context of individual, couples, and family therapy, depending upon the needs of each case. I utilize several different approaches to therapy that I tailor to fit your needs, presenting issues and your therapy goals. When working with children, adolescents and adults, I strive to create a safe and empathic environment where you can express your emotions, thoughts and ideas.

Therapy for Individuals

It is most important for me to help you clarify your treatment goals. I utilize interventions based on your individual needs, helping you to find new ways of being. Imagine what it would be like going through the process of discovering what gives your life more purpose and meaning. Together we will work to help change old patterns into new possibilities.


Therapy for Couples

I provide a safe environment for you to work through and discuss sensitive issues including:
-intimacy (emotional and sexual)
-destructive communication patterns
-unrealistic expectations
-anger and resentment

Learn to listen in ways that enhance your bond, resolve conflict, overcome your anger and guilt, heal and forgive, identify and meet each other’s needs and strengthen your intimate connection.

Learn how to communicate more effectively by developing empathic, active listening skills that help you resolve conflict in a way that meets the needs of both you and your partner.

*Please note that all types of families are welcome


Therapy for Children and Adolescents

Children need a variety of play therapy techniques to process their thoughts and feelings. I provide a safe place to learn about setting limits, boundaries and how to cope successfully. When needed, I communicate with the child’s school system and medical doctors to determine how we can achieve the best outcome.

Adolescence is frequently a time of turbulence. Often I hear parents say, “My teen talks to me mostly in grunts and shrugs and rarely wants anything to do with us any more”. They worry that their teen is not applying themselves as much as they should and question if this is something they will outgrow or if it might be indicative of a greater issue. I work with adolescents utilizing a variety of techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy to help them identify the sources of their emotions and to modify thinking patterns that may not be serving them well.

Family Therapy

The goal of family therapy is to help your family achieve long-term satisfaction and happiness. The initial focus will be to solve the issue that brought you into therapy in the first place, which is often a crisis. Next we will focus on strengthening the emotional bonds that help your family resolve problems that may arise in the future. Many of the problems that children and adolescents face are more successfully dealt with in family therapy.